Are you ready to connect to your body in a way like never before?


When I first met Amanda I was in a huge and challenging transition in my life.  Our very first meeting, I was given several tools to help me begin to make the changes I knew were necessary for this next stage in my life.  Through yoga, meditation and her guidance with nutrition, I connected with my body in ways I had never experienced before.  My awareness of how to make better life choices continues to influence my life today.  I can honestly say through working with Amanda, I met my Higher Self, I was able to meet the woman I was that I never realized I was and today I can confidently say I am my Higher Self.

If you are thinking about hiring Amanda as a coach, just sit and talk with her for an hour, believe me, she will show you the potential all of that you can be.

Marina Swanson

Photographer & Videographer, Rina Swan Photo

Amanda Biccum is a rare find. A true treasure chest of nutritional and yoga information, she meets you where you are, gets clear about where you want to be, then helps you chart a path to get there. And I’ll be honest, it’s not always easy but it is worth it.

When I met Amanda I was a chronically stressed out entrepreneur running on coffee and fumes, heading for a burnout (the 2nd). Amanda supported me to reconnect with my body and my intuition and helped me to change course to a path of not just wellness but vitality.
If you get a chance to work with Amanda, take it, she’s worth every cent!
Stacey Herbert

Founder, Brazen Profit Labs

I can honestly say, meeting Amanda changed my life. It was only upon our first meeting that I realized (for lack of a better word) I spent the majority of my life “asleep.”  This new knowledge and self-awareness combined with the tools Amanda offered me through guidance on nutrition, meditation, and my yoga practice helped me realize I had the tools to empower myself and make the choices necessary to become the person I always knew I could be.

Amanda’s knowledge of the body is incredible.  Her passion for her work shows in every single way, she lives and practices what she teaches.  Whether you hire her for nutrition, yoga or personal growth work, I can honestly say your life will change in ways you could never imagine.

Susie Boyle

Reiki Master & Massage Therapist

Amanda Biccum



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