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I'm Amanda, a Holistic Health Coach & Mindset Mentor.

Society has cultivated a picture around what success means; detailing a story of how one should be/show up in the world.

Many have followed this path as a means to feel safe, supported and connected, yet in the end, are only left feeling depleted, disconnected and confused about their soul's purpose.

The true source of an individual's power lies within. When we are connected to that space, harmony, balance and freedom can cultivated in every aspect of our lives.

Are you living a life aligned with your with your fullest potential?

Clients come to me with various complaints about the condition of their physical and mental wellbeing; stress and burnout are among the most common.

Our body is our greatest teacher- experiencing physical and/or mental distress in any capacity, is your body's cry for help.

After working with me, my clients walk away with the clarity they've been seeking. They discover the tools for living in an enhanced state of vitality which has become lost while living the story of someone else's 'success'.

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