Driven for Purpose Monthly Men’s Online Gathering

Deep down you know your destined for something greater… 

You’ve walked the path that you’ve been told would lead you to a ‘successful life’ and yet somehow, you are left feeling less than satisfied. 

You’re ready to be supported and support other men who are seeking just as you are. 

Men who are driven for purpose, passion and ready to fully step into their power.   

You’ve felt the call, you know your worth, now is the time to give support and be supported by others who are also on ‘the path.’

What makes the Monthly Men’s Gathering Unique?

A collective group of men commit to coming together monthly to support one another with the intention to address challenges, change limiting beliefs and gain the tools necessary in order to step into the life that deep down they know is possible.


Amanda, will provide you with the tools to overcome limiting beliefs, reduce your stress, reconnect to your purpose and step more fully into your power. 


When you thrive so too does your business, relationships, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

This online experience is designed with the intention create the space were men are given the opportunity to support one another as THEY decide how they want to show up for themselves, their loved ones and future generations of men to come. 

Rewriting the scarcity mentality into an abundant mentality; turning their lives from “I’m doing this because I have to” into “I’m creating the life I choose.”

How it works:

Monthly Coaching Call – Each month there will be a group coaching call via ZOOM. Here will we have a topic of discussion address obstacles and implement tools to overcome

Monthly Transformation Tools – You will be given 3 tools to implement for the month to help you master mindfulness, increase clarity and improve overall ability to thrive. 

‘Accountability Brother’– Statistics show we are 85% more likely to follow through when we have someone holding us accountable. You will be matched with one accountability partner 

Mindfulness Techniques – Monthly meditations and mindfulness based stress reduction techniques designed for each group.

Opportunity to Receive Personal Coaching –  Sessions will be made available to those who are looking for added support on their journey which can be focused on a specific challenge you would like to overcome, customized nutrition, increasing mindfulness etc. 


About your CoachAmanda Biccum Mindset Coach

Amanda Biccum 

Amanda is a Holistic Health & Mindfulness Coach located in Santa Cruz, California.  She works with success driven men to reduce stress and prevent burnout; helping them find true alignment, tap into their purpose, discover their passion and unleash their power.