True Tantric Love Starts with SELF

Just like all love, true Tantric love starts with SELF.   Do you love yourself?   I mean really, do you love even the deepest and darkest layers of your…

How Collagen Affects The Health of Your GUT!

Guest Post by: Natural & Healthy Concepts   Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and is found in your bones, muscles, skin, digestive system, blood, and tendons….

Tantra – SEX Like You Mean It

Tantra, the sacred sex you’ve always dreamed about   When you hear the word Tantra, images of naked bodies intimately intermingling often culminate in the mind. Ideas of kama sutra,…

Meditation for the Modern Man

When most people think of meditation, they think of silence. Ask the majority of people what it means to meditate, and “silencing the mind” is undoubtedly the most common answer….

Re-writing My Contract With Worry

  Worry, I’m giving up on you. No longer will I allow your foolish ways to impact the moves my soul yearns to make. I’m tired of the game you…