What is a Mastermind?

A peer to peer facilitated mentoring practice used to bring like minded individuals together in order to solve problems and excel together.

What makes the Mindful Mastery Mastermind unique?

A collective group of men come together for a 6 month journey diving deep into mindfulness based practices to
increase vitality, vigor and performance. We become witness to our thoughts, patterns, limiting beliefs, and habits that often hold us back from accessing our highest potential..


With a systematic approach and peer to peer mentoring, together we will create a foundation that sets us up for success and enhances our ability to thrive in every aspect of our lives.

With proven these proven, easy, simple techniques you will be given the tools to reduce your stress, decrease anxiety/depression and increase your energy in order to create the balanced you desire..


 When we thrive, our businesses, relationships, physical, and mental well-being thrives.

Amanda Biccum Holistic Health Coach

The 6 month Mindful Mastermind is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to change their relationship with time so that they can reduce their stress and increase their life work balance.

Working under the knowing that you thrive, your business thrives. 
For busy entrepreneurs the pressure of time is real and the stakes are high. The desire to be as efficient as possible is KEY when it comes to optimizing our performance. Using simple concise daily techniques into your life can will help you dial in your ability to be productive and create the work life balance you dreamed of when starting your entrepreneurial journey.

This 6 month program includes:

  • Bio-individualized nutrition for increased energy 
  • Daily mindfulness practices for stress reduction
  • Tools and modalities of effective communication
  • Practical techniques to help you create a life work balance for ease and peace of mind
  • A 4-step system to help you identify and overcome obstacles holding you back in areas of business and personal gain 
  • An opportunity to journey with like-minded individuals having a system of support and accountability from beginning to end 

How it works:

Monthly Coaching Call – Each month there will be 1 mastermind call. Here will we review objectives, discuss the protocol and answer any quersions

Weekly Mindful Practice – Each week you will be given short mindfulness based techniques. These techniques will take 30 minutes or less to implement into your daily routine.

‘Balance Buddy’– Statistics show we are 85% more likely to follow through when we have someone holding us accountable. You will be matched with one accountability partner 

Mindfulness Techniques – Monthly meditations and mindfulness based stress reduction techniques designed for each group.

Personal Email Support – Throughout this process you’ll receive personal email assistance from Amanda if anything comes up that you need some extra guidance on.

Bio-individualized Nutrition – A HUGE part of our ability to succeed comes from what we put into our bodies. Amanda will help each person customize their ‘diet’ in order to optimize their ability to perform. 

3 Personal Coaching Sessions with Amanda- These sessions are here to offer you additional support at any point in the program. These sessions can be focused on a specific challenge you would like help to over come, tailored nutrition to target a specific issue etc. 

And ultimately, a transformation for both you and your business

About your Coach

Amanda Biccum Mindset Coach

Amanda Biccum #TheGutGal

Amanda is a Holistic Wellness & Mindset Coach located in Santa Cruz, California. After working with entrepreneurs having reached a point of burnout, she has become dedicated to helping educate and give entrepreneurs the tools to promote life work balance and prevent burnout.   Her practice is online as she works with clients around the world to help them restore vitality getting them back to ultimate health in body, mind and spirit.

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Your Personal Investment $497/month

Statistics show that we are 85% more likely to achieve our goals with an accountability partner and 90% more likely to achieve our goals when we have a coach. In this program you get the best of both worlds. 
We begin our journey July 1st, 2018.