Deep down you know your destined for something greater 

You’ve heard the Soul’s call. You’re ready to finally face your fear, fully stepping into the life deep down you’ve been waiting for…

You know the time is now. 

You are more ready than ever before. 

The only thing stopping you is the question:

“But How?”

3 Modules +

6 Bi-weekly Meetings

Module 1 (MIND)

Identify Limiting Beliefs and Current Blockages- 

Develop Powerful Tools to Overcome Past Trauma & Establish New Empowering Belief Systems That Last

Module 2 (BODY)

Reconnect, Rebalance and Find Harmony with Your Body-

Learn How to Listen to Your Inner Wisdom and Deepen Your Intuition

Module 3 (SOUL)

Create Clarity On What It Is YOU Really Want- 
Develop Your Unique Path to Help Take You There

How it works:

Bi-weekly Group Coaching Call –  2x a month there will be a group coaching call via ZOOM. 

Monthly Transformation Tools – You will be given  practical and specific tools each month according to the theme of the Module.

Accountability Tribe– Statistics show we are 85% more likely to follow through when we have someone holding us accountable. You will have another soul family member to connect to for support during this process.

1x Personal Coaching Call with Amanda- After your initial call with Amanda and approval into the group, you will receive one additional private coaching call which you can schedule at any time during your Intensive.

Opportunity to Receive Personal Coaching –  Sessions will be made available to those who are looking for added support on their journey which can be focused on a specific challenge you would like to overcome, customized nutrition, increasing mindfulness etc. 


Amanda is a Holistic Health & Mindfulness Coach from California.  She works with clients around the world to reduce stress and prevent burnout. Using her background as a Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher to help them heal their bodies, create clarity in their mind and reconnect to their soul’s purpose.