I’m Amanda, a Holistic Wellness Coach & Mindset Mentor.

I support success driven entrepreneurs on the edge of burnout to reduce anxiety, stress and change their relationship with time. so they can feel physically connected, mentally clear and energetically vital.

Through personalized nutrition, detox and  mindfulness practices, my clients discover the tools which enable them to relax into a work life balance that supports them in every aspect of their wellbeing.

As entrepreneurs begin to change the way the world creates business, it becomes our responsibility to take a stand of our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing; creating life work balance that keeps our message strong, and our bodies stronger. 

The body is the temple which houses our consciousness– by honoring the connection of  body, mind and spirit, we increase our ability to perform in all aspects of our lives.

Together, we will create a unique system of lifestyle practices that will enhance your wellbeing and keep you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.

My Story

I’ve been on both sides of the coin. 

Once upon a time, I strived for perfection.  I felt that I needed to live up to society’s  image of what is means to be the ‘ideal woman’.  This path of striving for perfection led me to a place where I denied mySELF and my health began to reflect it; my gut health deteriorated and with it, my body began to show signs of breaking down. 

Since then I’ve created systems that create a life work balance where I can cultivate the outwards success while still remaining grounded to the things that truly matter most; my health and my relationships, for without them, my success tastes bitter.

After taking a hiatus from my full time yoga career in San Francisco, to travel the world and study various aspects of healing from traditions around the world, I’ve discovered the beauty in relaxing my perfectionist muscle. It’s not easy, and the ‘not enough’ syndrome sneaks in from time to time, yet I continue to be the witness and empower myself and my clients with the tools to move beyond it. 


Amanda has a degree in science and nutrition from San Diego Mesa College and graduated from Bauman College in Berkeley, CA as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Over the past 5 years she’s taught yoga and mindfulness in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world.

She specializes in detox and gut health. After having to heal her own gut and skin-based issues, she created the 21-day mind, body, spirit ‘system reset’ detox program; the ultimate roadmap to true health and vitality. 

Amanda’s philosophy in health and healing is rooted in the principles that the mind, body and spirit are divinely interconnected and true health and healing only comes when we honor the body as a whole