I’m Amanda, a Holistic Wellness Coach & Mindset Mentor.

I help motivated women step into their ultimate potential giving them the tools to heal their body, clear their mind and reconnect to their divine intuition.  Through powerful detox practices, mindfulness techniques and bio-individualized nutrition, I give women the tools to increase energy, relieve inflammation and connect deeply to a body they love.

Being healthy and vibrant goes far beyond what you put into your body. 

Our body is the temple which houses our consciousness– when we honor it and become aware of how we connect to your body, mind and spirit transformation takes place.

Together we will enhance the state of your gut health– the key to your health and vitality.

You are unique and what you put into your body should be too.  I’m here to help you discover the best foods for your body supported by a lifestyle that honors your body, mind & spirit.

I am dedicated to helping you enhance your life from the inside out! 

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My Story

Amanda’s journey to mindfulness and self discovery started nearly 11 years ago when she found herself in her first yoga class. 

Since then, Amanda has continued to study yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and healing practices from various modalities around the world including; Holistic Nutrition, Ayurveda,  Reiki, Chi Nei Tsang, Taoism, Thai Bodywork, Shamanism and various forms of yoga and meditation. 

She has a degree in science and nutrition from San Diego Mesa College and graduated from Bauman College in Berkeley, CA as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant. 

She specializes in detox and gut health. After having to heal her own gut and skin based issues, she created the 21-day mind, body, spirit ‘system reset’ detox program. The ultimate roadmap to true health and vitality. 

Amanda’s philosophy in health and healing is rooted in the principles that the mind, body and spirit are divinely interconnected and true health and healing only comes when we honor the body as a whole.